Our goal, in Tremend, is to put Romania on the advanced software engineering map through a continuous learning program. In order to follow this goal, we developed a series of initiatives.

Tremend Labs, an experimental area where Romanian software engineers work with innovative technologies such as A.I., Machine Learning, Big Data or Biometrics to develop solutions. Training -  Within the last years, we’ve had over 50 trainings/ year. Tech-talks with experts in emerging technologies around the world. 

We developed prototypes such as Chatbots or telemedicine solutions for our customers, using innovative technologies. Tremend is also a pioneer in NB-IoT in Romania, having developed platforms on this technology for oil and gas.

Tremend is also a pioneer in NB-IoT in Romania, having developed platforms on this technology for oil and gas.

Every year we organize a Hackathon, a unique experimental learning event, gathering experts in the latest technologies. By bringing together experts from around the world and ensuring the environment for experimental learning, we ensure a high level of expertise in innovative technologies.

The event is organized like a competition, the prizes for the winning projects focused on creating enriching, team-building experiences but in the end of the competition, nobody left the hackathon unrewarded.

br.A.I.n Hack 2018 was an epic coding challenge to build intelligent solutions using Artificial Intelligence. For the second year in a row, the analytical and determined minds from Tremend and Orange have joined forces to compete against each other and maybe even against the machines for the ultimate prize and recognition.

Over 100 participants, 72 hackers, including top software engineers, designers, business people and researchers hacked a ton of emerging technologies related to AI applications. From machine and deep learning to automation and artificial neural networks, many revolutionary implementations will benefit various industries within the next decade.

On September 22-23 we organized the CityHack 2017, in partnership Orange and Actility, two companies that are highly similar to us in terms of culture and engineering DNA.

Over 100 participants, including top software engineers, designers and marketing specialists from the three companies, split into 13 teams to compete in developing the best smart-city solution.

In less than a day, they came up with bright ideas and turned them into working projects.

On April 8-9, we organized the Tremend’s Ultimate Hackathon Challenge 2016.

35 participants, split into mixed teams, with engineers from all of our divisions (enterprise, mobile, web and embedded), were eager and determined to make their bold ideas happen in no more than 24 hours of coding.

We picked a cool theme for this competition: Internet of Things apps and products, and our ultimate goal was to bring innovation, try new stuff, test our skills, learn interesting things and have fun together.

All in all, it worth every waking hour.

In 2014 we organized our first Hackathon competition. The competition was launched as an internal challenge within the organization and engaged 30 programmers for 24 hours straight.

Technologies and equipment consisted of Raspberry Pi computers, Arduino, camcorders, accelerometers, gyroscopes, thermometers, Magnetic Hall sensors, WiFi adapters, Bluetooth adapters, LEDs, small engines, toy vehicles, and Android devices.

The talent and enthusiasm of the programmers who joined the competition were reflected in the success of the developed projects and were the reasons behind the hackathon.